A little bit about the author

I'm a Brit living in Japan. With a couple of kids, I wanted to access some more varied and international TV content.

Having worked in IT since 1999, I'm familiar with getting around geolocation barriers using techniques such as IP address masking or proxy servers. Hence my dismay at the disinformation I found on the Net during my research into how to get the best and cheapest video streaming from a blocked location.

Although I do run my own media server from a dedicated NAS, and have flashed my router with DD-WRT to install a VPN, this level of customization is somewhat moot. The best techniques I have outlined in my article are not only the simplist and cheapest, but also provide the fastest connection speeds, and best video quality. No technical knowledge is required.

I hope you find this site useful. Please pass it on to any family or friends who are unable to access streaming services due to loction, or have such a service, but with a poor program catalogue for their region.